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Doll Maker-- Naomi Miu & Anahel App by FluffyKawaiiPuppy Doll Maker-- Naomi Miu & Anahel App by FluffyKawaiiPuppy

App for :icondoll-makers: 

ahh this group looks so fun and pretty 


Pixel Rose Doll Maker~

Naomi Miu
Nickname: Kiko (literally if she just met you and you call her this she will squeal and freak out from happiness)

Gender: female

Height: 5'3
Weight: 120

Loyal item: Lolita Umbrella as she calls it...the ultimate moe weapon!
Loyal points: 0
Loyalty level: 0

Employee at Lolita's Doll shop 

- Anything she considers cute....which is everything
- Meeting other doll makers, or figuring out that someone's a doll maker
- Talking to other doll makers dolls
- Sweets
- Anything soft and fluffy 
- When people arnt so focused on a task that they don't have time for fun
- Music 
- Being called short 
- When Anahel is right 
- People telling her she can't eat too many sweets or else she'll get fat
- The questioning of her clothing 
- When peeps poke at her doll 
- Tripping over herself
- Having to answer difficult questions

Personality: Dramatic, Clumsy, Energetic, Kind, Smart, Perverted
-- Naomi often tends to make things worse then they actually are, she simply adores adding unneeded drama to things. For example if someone spills coffe on the table by accident she will say something along the lines of that person getting into a fight resulting in the spilling of the coffee.
-- Despite her deep hatred for tripping over herself, she does it often. She cannot go for more then a few hours without kissing the ground.
-- Even without suger in her system she can zoom around from place to place without showing any symptoms of becoming tired. Terrible for those nights where she can't seem to fall asleep.
-- Not one to say no to someone who requires help, basically if you need help she'll assist you. No matter what time of the day it is or how cruddy the weather is.
-- Naomi values knowledge over violence, however that doesn't mean she can't fight. She's a fun sized tiger! 
-- Her perviness often takes people by surprise since she doesn't look like someone who would be so perverted. She in fact is a major pervert who prides herself in her knowledge of yaoi and yuri, however she has no idea how normal relationships work.

Naomi actually never had dolls in her possession, ever. When she was young she was always fascinated by the thought of owning a doll and one day on her birthday her mother decided to take her to a doll shop. They couldn't afford any dolls so it was simply to just look at the dolls, it didn't matter to Naomi because she was going to finally able to touch and see dolls for the first time. After a few minutes of poking around she started feeling strange and began to hear a voice calling her name. It was a very faint call, almost like a whisper, but she was determined to find the person who the voice belonged to. After a few more minutes she came across a display case with dolls that weren't for sale, all the dolls in the display case were beautiful but there was one particular doll that caught her attention. It was a doll with sea blue eyes and light green hair, the only thing that set her apart from all the other dolls was that fact that she had two pairs of wings. As Naomi silently admired the doll the shop owner came by asking her if she liked one of the dolls, in response to his question she enthusiastically nodded her head before pointing at the doll, "Anahel is really pretty!"
that sentence alone was enough to surprise the store owner and before she knew what had happened, Anahel was now her own personal doll. All the store clerk really said was that she was a gift to her and to take good care of her....he also told her to not forget to give her a goodnight kiss.

As soon as she got home it was pretty late so he mother sent her straight to sleep, that was when she remembered the kind old mans words and gave her new found doll a kiss on the forehead. As she fell asleep she felt someone wrap their arms around her and speak in a voice full of love promising that they would always take after her and look over her. She wasn't scared at all and quickly fell asleep glad that she now had a best friend....even if that best friend was a doll.

As elementary went she was little miss popular due to her strange clothing and the stories she would often make up. No one tried to take her doll since Naomi would often tell them that the doll was her angel companion that assisted her in trying to locate the lost kingdom of Fi. Everyone enjoyed playing along with her in her imaginary worlds so much that they even made a temporary club that would meet everyday at recess, where they would discuss how to find the kingdoms of Fi. Elementary was smooth sailing.

Middle school however was where the real bullying began, Naomi hadn't changed much in the transition from elementary to middle school but everyone else did. They began to try to take Anahel from her which would result in her biting whoever was abusing her beloved doll. She became a social outcast for the way she dressed but she never really took it to heart, as the bullying and verbal abuse continued she simply shrugged them off with a smile. Despite everything that was happening to her she remained a happy, upbeat girl who aimed to make others laugh, and she did. After trying for a few years she managed to gain a few friends and was no longer seen as the weird girl who carried around a doll at all times and bit others. That didn't mean that she was accepted socially, but at least it was better then nothing. 

At the age of 16 Naomi lost both her mother and her father in a terrible car accident where she was forced to move in with her grandmother. That also meant a new school and new challenges she would have to face, despite everything that happened to her she remained cheerful however since the loss of her parents she's become even more possessive over Anahel seeing as she's the last thing she has of her previous life. 

-She changes her clothing to full lolita attire when working
-Loves learning new things about people
-is a bit of a stalker when she tries to talk to someone
-is both shy yet not shy

Pixel Rose Doll~

Nickname: Ana Although she doesn't respond to this name when used by other people

Age of Doll: 
About 85 years old, when she is in human form she looks like a 20 year old
Height: ...?
....? I'll get back to these two 

Weapon: The feathers from her wings, she can harden them and throw them like 
shurikens, as a little bonuse depending on how dangerous the opponent may be she can control the movements of the feathers. Although only for a very short period. 

-Any kind of romance novel 
-flirting with other doll makers, it's a bad habit of hers
-when people compliment her wings (never happens)
-guys that fit her description of moe material
-hugging other dolls
-likes observing things humans do
-Sassy people 
-when people don't drop matters
-being called old
-working, but she does it anyways 
-Others hurting Naomi 
Personality: Perverted, extremely smart, loud, easily amused
-- Almost like with Naomi she is extremely perverted, although much more then her partner in crime, especially if it involves anything related to yaoi...even if nothing romantic is happening between the two boys.
-- Anahel can figure out things rather quickly and easily, she also managed to obtain useless knowledge, however she uses this to her advantage. She also treats things as if they were games in order to make her mind work even more.
-- Very very loud, she will often cheer for a pair who she thinks should be together, although this is a crappy part of her personality when stalking others.
-- Anything and everything that a human finds amusing or entertaining she will find about 10x more entertaining and amusing. She's also easily distracted by these sort of things.

History: (optional) (Currently I have nothing regarding Anahels history...I'll figure it out later and then update it!) 

Extra: She cannot be separated from Naomi at all! This is why Naomi has gotten accustomed to taking baths at night when Anahel can become a human and join her. If she cannot see Naomi she actually becomes immobile and freaks out, which is why blind folds are a nono, same goes for Naomi. 
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Rosellaz Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow, she's so cute~!! :iconsokyutplz:
I really love her personality~ Such a sweetie~!! :heart:

It would be awesome if she and Kotori Yukimura would meet~!
maybe we could RP~?

FluffyKawaiiPuppy Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014  Student General Artist
Le sankyuu! It means a lot to have people like her personality, since it was a pain to think of :iconyutasmileplz: 

It really would be awesome, their personalities are so different.
heck yea shoot me a note whenever you would like to start!
yayamiho-chan Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
OMG SHE'S SO DAMN CUTE AND OMG LOL YAOI AND YURI FANGIRLS LOL I'D TALK TO THEM ABOUT THESE KIND OF STUFF BUT SADLY I'M NOT A CHARACTER OTL </3 but haha I wonder how she'd act around my sweeties~ XDD hope to know them better soooooon~ >A</
FluffyKawaiiPuppy Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014  Student General Artist
Le sankyuu! Omf that's the fastest way to make friends with them, JUST BOMBARED THEM WITH RANDOM YAOI AND YURI COUPLES, around your cuties my weirdos would most likely stalk them pretending to be private investigators.

Followed by Anahel hugging both of them and being a creep who wants to know everything about them!
yayamiho-chan Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
OMG LOL XDD *whispers* they can think about my sweeties of however they want LOL *shot*

LOL hahaha ohh gosh Diana would be cool with it ond just pat her on the head while Karina would be like "... let go of me. *pushes away*" LOL XDD
FluffyKawaiiPuppy Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014  Student General Artist
all the weird yuri related things that will leave Anahels mouth will most likely result in her being hit by Naomi XD

PFFT my poor Naomi, just stand there apologizing 3000 times over Anahels behavior....omf if she did that Anahel would most likely react like..... "Awww Karina why won't you let me love you? Your so mean to me~" *waves hands around trying to hug her again* XD SHES NOT ONE TO GIVE UP //BRICKED
yayamiho-chan Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
LOL omg XDD kinda feel sorry for naomi now, but also for anahel since karina is not the affectionated type at all LOL XDD

tbh she'd probably be all like ".... Nope.... =-= Get away from me. *shoves away* You're not my friend. And I'm not mean. You're just too.... *sighs* forget it..." LOL
FluffyKawaiiPuppy Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014  Student General Artist
Is Kay Anahel keeps Naomi in check! hardly ever since she's the one who pervs out..... She will continue to try! :iconsparkleeyeyuiplz:

pfft poor Karina, friggin Anahel can't take a hint.....*gasps* "It can't be! C-could it that......your secretly a tsundere?!" *squeals and fangirls before hugging her* "I love tsundere's!!!" 
yayamiho-chan Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist

lol haha omg she's kinda cute this way~ dense-chan lol *slapped* ".... What is tsundere? *tilts head* Anyway-- *tries to get away* I'm NOT it and just go away! *hisses like a cat*"
FluffyKawaiiPuppy Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014  Student General Artist
I have.....*insert dramatic music* A SKYPE :iconsatoshismirkplz:

she's so going to embrace that name....until she figures out what it means XD...*pats her head like if she was a cat* "No need to get all mad~....although..." *lifts wings slightly before clapping loudly* "A tsundere neko is moe material!" 
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